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I am grieved that it should be said he is my brother, and take these courses. Well, as he brews, so shall he drink, for George again. Yet he shall hear on't, and tightly, too, an' I live, i'faith.

Ben Jonson in Brothers Quotes

 Today in History - 8/28

  • 1973 Eric Lindros, NHLer (Phila Flyers)
  • 476 German ruler Odoacer captures Pavia
  • 476 West Roman Empire formally disbands/emperor Romulus August ousted
  • 1521 Turkish sultan Suleiman I's troops occupy Belgrade
  • 1565 Oldest city in the US, St Augustine Fla, established
  • 1609 Henry Hudson, discovers and explores Delaware Bay
  • 1619 Ferdinand II elected Holy Roman Emperor