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4 Famous Quotes by Boethius
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Also Known As:  
Saint Severinus Boethius
About Boethius

In other living creatures the ignorance of themselves is nature, but in men it is a vice.

Self-awareness Quotes, by Boethius

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If there is anything good about nobility it is that it enforces the necessity of avoiding degeneracy.

Nobility Quotes, by Boethius , Source: from the Latin

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In every adversity of fortune, to have been happy is the most unhappy kind of misfortune. [Lat., In omni adversitate fortunae, infelicissimum genus est infortunii fuisse felicem.]

Sorrow Quotes, by Boethius , Source: De Consolatione Philosophioe (bk. II, pt. IV)

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Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law.

Love Quotes, by Boethius

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