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There is no whaler and no whale biologist, no matter how experienced, who is so jaded that his heart does not race at the sight of a blue whale. •Dale Rice Nothing excites jaded grandmasters more than a theoretical novelty •Dominic Lawson I used to be a hopeless romantic -- I fell in love with everyone I went out with. Now I'm a little more . . . jaded •Source Unknown People say the word 'naive' as if it were a bad thing. Frankly, I believe that being naive, like a child, is being innocent. Being innocent is happiness. Once innocence is lost there is no turning back, we have now become cynical and jaded adults •Source Unknown We'll have to change our jaded ways, but I've loved these days. •Billy Joel ...time misspent and faculties mis-employed, and senses jaded by labor, or impaired by excess, cannot be recalled any more than that freshness of the heart, before it has become aware of the deceits of others, and of its own. •John Randolph I'm not jaded but I'm not controlled by my emotions. It's not that I'm emotionless, I just have the ability not to be controlled by things like love and hate. •Marilyn Manson If I don't make it know that, I've loved you all along. Just like sunny days that, we didn't know because we're all dumb and jaded , and I pray to God I figure out whats wrong.

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