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 David Macbeth Moir Quotes
3 Famous Quotes by David Macbeth Moir
1/5/1798 - 7/6/1851
About David Macbeth Moir

The birds have ceased their songs, All save the blackbird, that from yon tall ash, 'Mid Pinkie's greenery, from his mellow throat, In adoration of the setting sun, Chants forth his evening hymn.

Blackbirds Quotes, by David Macbeth Moir , Source: An Evening Sketch

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Stars are the daisies that begem The blue fields of the sky, Beheld by all, and everywhere, Bright prototypes on high.

Daisies Quotes, by David Macbeth Moir , Source: The Daisy (st. 5), Dublin University Magazine

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"Look to the lilies how they grow!" 'Twas thus the Saviour said, that we, Even in the simplest flowers that blow, God's ever-watchful care might see.

Lilies Quotes, by David Macbeth Moir , Source: Lilies

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