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 Edward Everett Quotes
3 Famous Quotes by Edward Everett
4/11/1794 - 1/15/1865
About Edward Everett

You shall not pile, with servile toil, Your monuments upon my breast, Nor yet within the common soil Lay down the wreck of power to rest, Where man can boast that he has trod On him that was "the scourge of God."

Monuments Quotes, by Edward Everett , Source: Alaric the Visigoth

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The character, the counsels, and example of our Washington . . . they will guide us through the doubts and difficulties that beset us; they will guide our children and our children's children in the paths of prosperity and peace, while America shall hold her place in the family of nations.

Washington, george Quotes, by Edward Everett , Source: Speech--Washington Abroad and at Home

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Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.

Education Quotes, by Edward Everett

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