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10/7/1900 - 7/20/1979
Also Known As:  
Herbert Sir Butterfield
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It is not the mere existence of unusual criminals that [has] ravaged our world; for the arrangements of society (whether national or international) ought always to presume that some of these will be lurking somewhere. The gates have been opened to evil in part because of a terrible discrepancy between human ideals and actual possibilities -- terrible heresies concerning the nature of man and the structure of the historical universe. Christianity, even if it cannot persuade men to rise to the contemplation of the spiritual things, embodies principles which may at least have the effect of bringing the dreamers down to earth. Because it confronts the problem of human sin, it can face our difficulties and dilemmas without evasions -- without the fundamental evasiveness of those who believe that all would be well with the world if it were not for a few unspeakable criminals, always conveniently identified with the political enemy of the moment.

Christianity Quotes, by Herbert Butterfield

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I am unable to see how a man can find the hand of God in secular history unless he has first found an assurance of it in his personal experience.

Christianity Quotes, by Herbert Butterfield

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