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 Horace (Horatio) Smith Quotes
3 Famous Quotes by Horace (Horatio) Smith

Gentle sleep! Scatter thy drowsiest poppies from above; And in new dreams not soon to vanish, bless My senses with the sight of her I love.

Poppies Quotes, by Horace (Horatio) Smith , Source: Poppies and Sleep

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"Thou wert not, Solomon! in all thy glory Array'd," the lilies cry, "in robes like ours; How vain your grandeur! Ah, how transitory Are human flowers!"

Lilies Quotes, by Horace (Horatio) Smith , Source: Hymn to the Flowers (st. 10)

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Our charity begins at home, And mostly ends where it begins.

Charity Quotes, by Horace (Horatio) Smith , Source: Horace in London (bk. II, ode 15)

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