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Feast of Barnabas the Apostle It is obvious ... that there are many lay people who can counsel more effectively than the minister can in such areas as adjusting to widowhood, coming to terms with advancing age, bringing principle to bear upon business decisions, because they have experience in these fields which the minister does not personally have. At the very least, they can add a note of reality to what the minister offers. In many cases, the group takes up where the individual counseling left off, supplementing it or even eliminating it entirely. I have been repeatedly thankful that a group was available to give steady guidance who had made a fresh start in Christian living, but who still had a long way to go; this has been especially true in cases of loneliness, moderate emotional instability, inability to understand others, and need of continued guidance in the use of prayer and the Bible and the accepting and giving of love. In the nature of the case, no amount of individual counseling can fully deal with these needs. The "priesthood of all believers" becomes a recognized fact, with each person helping to open up for his neighbor the way to God.

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