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 John Masefield Quotes
7 Famous Quotes by John Masefield
6/1/1878 - 5/12/1967
About John Masefield

Sometimes, when guests have gone, the host remembers Sweet courteous things unsaid. We two have talked our hearts out to the embers, And now go hand in hand down to the dead.

Guests Quotes, by John Masefield , Source: The Faithful

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O lovely lily clean, O lily springing green, O lily bursting white, Dear lily of delight, Spring in my heart agen That I may flower to men.

Lilies Quotes, by John Masefield , Source: Everlasting Mercy (last stanza)

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It's a warm wind, the west wind, full of birds' cries; I never hear the west wind but tears are in my eyes. For it comes from the west lands, the old brown hills, And April's in the West wind, and daffodils.

Wind Quotes, by John Masefield , Source: The West Wind

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God dropped a spark down into everyone, And if we find and fan it to a blaze, It'll spring up and glow, like--like the sun, And light the wandering out of stony ways.

Repentance Quotes, by John Masefield , Source: Widow in the Bye Street (pt. VI)

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Friends and loves we have none, nor wealth, nor blest abode But the hope, the burning hope, and the road, the lonely road. Not for us are content, and quiet, and peace of mind, For we go seeking cities that we shall never find.

Cities Quotes, by John Masefield , Source: The Seekers

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The corn that makes the holy bread By which the soul of man is fed, The holy bread, the food unpriced, Thy everlasting mercy, Christ.

Mercy Quotes, by John Masefield , Source: Everlasting Mercy (st. 88)

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Holy Saturday Commemoration of George Augustus Selwyn, first Bishop of New Zealand, 1878 Sing, men and angels, sing, for God our Life and King Has given us light and spring and morning breaking Now may man's soul arise as kinsman to the skies, And God unseals his eyes to an awaking. Sing, creatures, sing; the dust that lives by lure and lust Is kindled by the thrust of life undying; This hope our Master bare has made all fortunes fair, And man can on and dare, his death defying. After the winter snows a wind of healing blows, And thorns put forth a rose, and lilies cheer us; Life's everlasting spring has robbed death of his sting, Henceforth a cry can bring our Master near us.

Christianity Quotes, by John Masefield

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