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 Josiah Gilbert Holland Quotes
4 Famous Quotes by Josiah Gilbert Holland
7/24/1819 - 10/12/1881
Also Known As:  
G. J Holland
About Josiah Gilbert Holland

Gossip is always a personal confession either of malice or imbecility.

Gossip Quotes, by Josiah Gilbert Holland

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Let this be understood, then, at starting; that the patient conquest of difficulties which rise in the regular and legitimate channels of business and enterprise is not only essential in securing the success which you seek but it is essential to that preparation of your mind, requisite for the enjoyment of your successes, and for retaining them when gained. So, day by day, and week by week; so month after month, and year after year, work on, and in that process gain strength and symmetry, and nerve and knowledge, that when success, patiently and bravely worked for, shall come, it may find you prepared to receive it and keep it,.

Relationships Quotes, by Josiah Gilbert Holland

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Responsibility walks hand in hand with capacity and power.

Advice / experience / wisdom Quotes, by Josiah Gilbert Holland

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A nation is a thing that lives and acts like a man and men are the particulars of which it is composed.

Nation Quotes, by Josiah Gilbert Holland

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