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 Louis A. Dechez ("Jenneval") Quotes
1 Famous Quotes by Louis A. Dechez ("Jenneval")

The years of slavery are past, The Belgian rejoices once more; Courage restores to him at last The rights he held of yore. Strong and firm his grasp will be-- Keeping the ancient flag unfurled To fling its message on the watchful world: For king, for right, for liberty. [Fr., Apres des siecles d'esclavage, Le Belge sortant du tombeau, A reconquis par son courage, Son nom, ses droits et son drapeau, Et ta main souveraine et fiere, Peuple desormais indompte, Grava sur ta vieille banniere, Le Roi, la loi, la liberte.

Belgium Quotes, by Louis A. Dechez ("Jenneval") , Source: La Brabanconne, Belgian National Anthem written during the revolution of 1830

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