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5 Famous Quotes by Michael Bruce
7/26/1959 - 5/13/2005
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Oft morning dreams presage approaching fate, For morning dreams, as poets tell, are true.

Dreams Quotes, by Michael Bruce , Source: Elegy on Spring

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Now spring returns; but not to me returns The vernal joy my better years have known; Dim in my breast life's dying taper burns, And all the joys of life with health have flown.

Spring Quotes, by Michael Bruce , Source: Elegy, written in Spring

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In every pang that rends the heart The Man of Sorrows had a part.

Christ Quotes, by Michael Bruce , Source: Gospel Sounds--Christ Ascended

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Feast of Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, Martyr, c.155 He who was raised from the dead will raise us also, if we do His will and live by His commands and love what He loved, refraining from all injustice, covetousness, love of money, evil-speaking, false witness, not returning evil for evil or abuse for abuse, or blow for blow, or curse for curse, but remembering what the Lord said when He taught: Do not judge, so that you may not be judged; forgive and you will be forgiven; have mercy so that you may be shown mercy; with the measure you use men will measure back to you; and blessed are the poor and those who are persecuted for their uprightness, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to them. ... St. Polycarp, Letter to the Philippians February 24, 2000 In church government... our primary concern is to reflect the nature of God. Christ became man in order that He might redeem men from their fallen state, from their selfishness and self-isolating divisions from God and from each other; so that, gathered together in one in Him, man may offer to God that likeness to Himself in love for which he was created. Church government is primarily concerned with this: with worship, with the drawing of the whole life of the whole world into this reflection of the nature of God. It is secondly -- and only secondly -- concerned with the quarrels and peccadilloes of those who are not, as a matter of fact, imitating God's nature very faithfully.

Christianity Quotes, by Michael Bruce

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In every pang that rends the heart the Man of Sorrows has a part.

Religion / beliefs Quotes, by Michael Bruce

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