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 Philip Freneau Quotes
3 Famous Quotes by Philip Freneau
1/2/1752 - 12/18/1832
Also Known As:  
Philip Freneau
About Philip Freneau

With evil omens from the harbour sails The ill-fated ship that worthless Arnold bears; God of the southern winds, call up thy gales, And whistle in rude fury round his ears.

Treason Quotes, by Philip Freneau , Source: Arnold's Departure

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O Washington! thrice glorious name, What due rewards can man decree-- Empires are far below thy aim, And scepters have no charms for thee; Virtue alone has your regards, And she must be your great reward.

Washington, george Quotes, by Philip Freneau , Source: Washington's Arrival in Philadelphia

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Then rush'd to meet the insulting foe; They took the spear, but left the shield.

Bravery Quotes, by Philip Freneau , Source: To the Memory of the Brave Americans who fell at Eulaw Springs

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