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 Sarah Doudney Quotes
3 Famous Quotes by Sarah Doudney
1/15/1841 - 12/8/1926
About Sarah Doudney

I send thee pansies while the year is young, Yellow as sunshine, purple as the night; Flowers of remembrance, ever fondly sung By all the chiefest of the Sons of Light; And if in recollection lives regret For wasted days and dreams that were not true, I tell thee that the "pansy freak'd with jet" Is still the heart's ease that the poets knew Take all the sweetness of a gift unsought, And for the pansies send me back a thought.

Pansies Quotes, by Sarah Doudney , Source: Pansies

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Listen to the Water-Mill: Through the live-long day How the clicking of its wheel Wears the hours away! Languidly the Autumn wind Stirs the forest leaves, From the field the reapers sing Binding up their sheaves: And a proverb haunts my mind As a spell is cast, "The mill cannot grind With the water that is past."

Past Quotes, by Sarah Doudney , Source: Lesson of the Water-Mill

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But the waiting time, my brothers, Is the hardest time of all.

Patience Quotes, by Sarah Doudney , Source: Psalms of Life--The Hardest Time of All

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