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68 African Proverbs

If you refuse to be made straight when you are green, you will not be made straight when you are dry.

If you run after two hares you will catch neither.

If you're going home, you don't get wet.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

If your mouth turns into a knife, it will cut off your lips.

It is not what you are called, but what you answer to.

It is not with saying, "Honey," "Honey," that sweetness will come into the mouth.

It is not work that kills, but worry.

It's a bad child who does not take advice.

One must talk little and listen much.

Peace is costly but it is worth the expense.

Quarrels end, but words once spoken never die.

Return to old watering holes for more than water; friends and dreams are there to meet you.

Seeing is better than hearing.

Seeing is different than being told.

Send a boy where he wants to go and you see his best pace.

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.

The day the monkey is destined to die, all the trees get slippery.

The egg shows the hen where to hatch.

The end of an ox is beef, and the end of a lie is grief.

The fool speaks, the wise man listens.

The fool sucks wisdom, as he porter sups, And cobblers grow fine speakers in their cups.

The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks.

To try and to fail is not laziness.

Two birds disputed about a kernel, when a third swooped down and carried it off.