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Better the child cry, than the mother sigh.

Better the world should know you as a sinner than God know you as a hypocrite.

Better to ask twice than to lose your way once.

Better to be a free bird than a captive king.

Better to deny at once, than to promise long.

Better to have something yourself, than to beg of your sister.

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Better twice measured than once wrong.

Better walk on wooden legs, than be carried on a wooden bier.

Better walk unshackled in a green meadow, than be bound to a thorn-brush.

Better weak beer than an empty cask.

Better whole than patched in gold.

Between evil tongues and evil ears, there is nothing to choose.

Between saying and doing there is a great distance.

Beware of the dog himself, his shadow does not bite.

Beware, froth is not beer.

Big words seldom go with good deeds.

Bite not the dog that bites.

Blacksmith's children are not afraid of sparks.

Blame is the lazy man's wages.

Blame it on the rain.

Bread is better than the song of birds.

Break one link and the whole chain falls apart.

Butter spoils no meat, and moderation injures no cause.

Buy him at his own price and sell him at yours and you'll make no bargain.