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Even crumbs are bread.

Even doubtful accusations leave a stain behind them.

Even he gets on who is drawn by oxen.

Even that fish may be caught that strives the hardest against it.

Every bird needs its own feathers.

Every day has its evening.

Every day hath its night, every weal its woe.

Every foal is not like its sire.

Every fool can find faults that a great many wise men can't remedy.

Every fool thinks he is clever enough.

Every fox looks after his own skin.

Every life has its joy, every joy its law.

Every light hath its shadow.

Every little fish expects to become a whale.

Every little helps, said the sow, when she snapped at a gnat.

Every man carries an enemy in his own bosom.

Every man has his liking.

Every man has his lot, and a wide world before him.

Every man is the architect of his own fortune.

Every man likes his own praise best.

Every man must carry his own sack to the mill.

Every man must go to the mill with his own sack.

Every one finds sin sweet and repentance bitter.

Every one rakes the fire under his own pot.

Every one sees his smart coat, no one sees his shrunken belly.