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God comes at last, when we think he is farthest off.

God cometh with leaden feet, but striketh with iron hands.

God gives all birds their food but does not drop it into their nests.

God gives every bird its food, but does not throw it into the nest.

God gives little folks small gifts.

God gives the will, necessity gives the law.

God help the sheep when the wolf is judge.

God never sends mouths but he sends meat.

God permits the wicked; but not for ever.

God sends men cold according to their clothes.

Gold is gold, though it be in a rogue's purse.

Gold is proved in the fire, friendship in need.

Good corn is not reaped from a bad field.

Good counsel is no better than bad counsel, if it be not taken in time.

Good counsel will not rot, if it be got in dry.

Good never comes too often.

Govern a horse with a bit, and a shrew with a stick.

Great lords have long hands, but they do not reach to heaven.

Great lords will have much, and poor folk can give but little.

Grey hairs are death's blossoms.

Had it not been for an if, the old woman would have bitten a wolf.

Hair by hair and the head gets bald.

Hair does not grow faster by being pulled.

Hang the young thief, and the old one will not steal.

Happy he who can take warning from the mishaps of others.