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He knows the water best who has waded through it.

He loses least in a quarrel who keeps his tongue in cheek.

He loves me as the devil loves holy water.

He must be a clever host that would take the devil into his hostelry.

He must be ill-favoured who scares the devil.

He must be pure who would blame another.

He must cry aloud who would scare the devil.

He must have clean fingers who would blow another's nose.

He must have iron fingers who would flay the devil.

He must have much meal who would stop all mouths.

He must have plenty of butter, who would stop everybody's mouth.

He must keep a sharp look-out who would speak the truth.

He must stand high that would see the end of his own destiny.

He needs a long spoon that would eat out of the same dish with the devil.

He runs heavily who is forced to run.

He scolds most that can hurt the least.

He sits well who can rise without help.

He that bears the cross, blesses himself first.

He that boasteth of himself affronteth his company.

He that courts injury will obtain it.

He that cuts above himself, will get splinters in his eye.

He that dallies with his enemy gives him leave to kill him.

He that dares not venture must not complain of ill luck.

He that deals in dirt has ay foul fingers.

He that desires but little has no need of much.