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He that does not save pennies, will never have pounds.

He that does you a very ill turn will never forgive you.

He that doth most at once doth least.

He that drinks beer, thinks beer.

He that has no money in his purse, should have fair words on his lips.

He that hides is no better than he that steals.

He that hires one garden eats birds; he that hires more than one will be eaten by the birds.

He that holds is no better than he that scourges.

He that inquires much, learns much.

He that is once at sea, must either sail or sink.

He that keeps out of harm's way will gather goodly riches.

He that laughs at his ain joke spoils the sport o't.

He that lies down with the dogs, will get up with fleas.

He that lives in hope dances to an ill tune.

He that lives on hope has but a slender diet.

He that lives upon hope will die fasting.

He that performs his own errand saves the messenger's hire.

He that says what he should not, will hear what he would not.

He that sings himself is the best pleased.

He that touches pitch defiles himself.

He that touches pitch shall be defiled.

He that wants to hang a dog, is sure to find a rope.

He that wants to hang a dog, says that it bites the sheep.

He that was born under a three-halfpenny planet shall never be worth twopence.

He that you seat upon your shoulder will often try to get upon your head.