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A cursed cur should be short tied.

A customary railer is the devil's bagpipe, which the world danceth after.

A deaf auditor makes a crazy answerer.

A dog is a dog whatever his colour.

A drunken may soon be made to dance.

A drunken night makes a cloudy morning.

A duck will not always dabble in the same gutter.

A fair exchange brings no quarrel.

A fair exchange is no robbery.

A fair face will get its praise, though the owner keep silent.

A fair skin often covers a crooked mind.

A fool is like all other men as long as he remains silent.

A fool is like other men as long as he is silent.

A fool laughs when others laugh.

A fool only wins the first game.

A foul mouth must be provided with a strong back.

A friend's faults may be notices, but not blamed.

A friend's frown is better than a fool's smile.

A full belly dances better than a fine coat.

A full stomach praises Lent.

A full vessel must be carried carefully.

A glad heart seldom sighs, but a sorrowful mouth often laughs.

A golden key opens every door except that of heaven.

A good handicraft has a golden foundation.

A good king is better than an old law.