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He who is far from home, is near to harm.

He who is fed by another's hand seldom gets enough.

He who is of no use to himself, is of no use to any one.

He who is scared by words, has no heart for deeds.

He who knows a knave, makes no bid for him.

He who knows how to beg may leave his money at home.

He who lies down in the wash will be eaten by swine.

He who lives without restraint, will die without honour.

He who loves sorrow, will always find something to mourn over.

He who marries a widow with three children, marries four thieves.

He who puts by for the night, puts by for the cat.

He who rides the horse is his master.

He who rises early will gather wisdom.

He who sows hatred shall gather rue.

He who sows inequity shall reap shame.

He who sows little, reaps little.

He who sows money, will reap poverty.

He who sows peas on the highway does not get all the pods into his barn.

He who speaks ill of himself is praised by no one.

He who spends more than he should Shall not have to spend when he would.

He who stands high is seen from afar.

He who stands near the woodcutter is likely to be hit by a splinter.

He who strikes another on the neck, does not strike far from the head.

He who takes the child by the hand, takes the mother by the heart.

He who tastes every man's broth, often burns his mouth.