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He who throws himself under the bench will be left to lie there.

He who waits for dead men's shoes, may have to go long barefoot.

He who was born to be hanged will not be drowned, unless the water go over the gallows.

He who was born to pennies, will never be master of dollars.

He who whispers, lies.

He who will not obey father, will have to obey stepfather.

He who will not prosper in his sleep will not prosper when awake.

He who will not take cheap advice, will have to buy dear repentance.

He who wills the end, wills the means.

He who would be everywhere will be nowhere.

He who would buy sausage of a dog must give him bacon in exchange.

He who would close another man's mouth, should first tie up his own.

He who would drive another over three dikes must climb over two himself.

He who would eat the kernel, must crack the nut.

He who would enjoy the fire must bear its smoke.

He who would hang himself is sure to find a rope.

He who would have good cabbage, must pay its price.

He who would leap far must first take a long run.

He who would leap high must take a long run.

He who would make a fool of himself will find many to like him.

He who would not go to hell, must not go to court.

He who would save, should begin with the mouth.

He who would seek revenge must be on his own guard.

He who would serve everybody gets thanks from nobody.

He who would steal honey, must not be afraid of bees.