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It is better to buy dearly than to hunger direly.

It is better to make conditions in the bush than in prison.

It is better to scrape the cheese than to peel it.

It is bitter fare to eat one's own words.

It is dangerous to eat cherries with the great, they throw the stones at your head.

It is dear-bought butter that is licked off a woolcomb.

It is difficult to get many heads under one hat.

It is difficult to hide what everybody knows.

It is difficult to spit honey out of a mouth full of gall.

It is difficult to tie an unborn horse to the manger.

It is difficult to trap an old fox.

It is discreditable to fly from a living enemy, or to abuse a dead one.

It is easier to fill a rogue's belly than his eye.

It is easier to stem the brook than the river.

It is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follow it.

It is easy to be generous out of another man's purse.

It is easy to be generous with another man's money.

It is easy to bid the devil be your guest, but difficult to get rid of him.

It is easy to find the rod when another finds the bottom.

It is easy to manage when fortune favors.

It is easy to poke another man's fire.

It is easy to sit at the helm in fine weather.

It is easy to stride a tree when it is down.

It is easy to swim, when another holds up your head.

"It is easy to work with a good comb," said the devil, when he combed his mother's hair with a pitchfork."