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It needs but slight provocation to make the wolf devour the lamb.

It takes a good many mice to kill a cat.

It takes many words to fill a sack.

"It will come back," said the man, when he gave his sow pork.

Italian devotion and German fasting have no meaning.

Jest with your equals.

Joy is like the ague; one good day between two bad ones.

Joy surfeited turns to sorrow.

Justice oft leans to the side where the purse pulls.

Keep not two tongues in one mouth.

Keep to the little ones, and the big ones will not bite you.

Keep your mouth, and keep your friend.

Keep your nose out of another's mess.

Keep your nose to the grindstone.

Kill no more than you can salt, or you will have tainted meat.

Kind words and few are a woman's ornament.

Kind words don't wear out the tongue.

Kind words heal friendship's wounds.

Kisses are the messengers of love.

Labour has a bitter root, but a sweet taste.

"Ladies have ladies' whims." said crazy Ann, when she draggled her cloak in the gutter.

Lambs don't runs with the mouth of the sleeping wolf.

Lang tarrying taks a' the thanks awa'. [Long tarrying takes all the thanks away.]

Late repentance is seldom worth much.

Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.