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A good neighbour is better than a brother far off.

A good pilot is not known when the sea is calm and the weather fair.

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

A goose drinks as much as a gander.

A greedy mill grinds all kinds of corn.

A green Christmas makes a fat churchyard.

A green Yule makes a fat churchyard.

A gross belly does not produce a refined mind.

A hard bit does not make the better horse.

A head is not to be cut off because it is scabby.

A headless army fights badly.

A headstrong man and a fool may wear the same cap.

A hearth of your own is worth gold.

A hundred waggonsful of sorrow will not pay a handful of debt.

A hungry dog and a thirsty horse take no heed of blows.

A joyous evening often leads to a sorrowful morning.

A large fire often comes from a small spark.

A lass that has many wooers often fares the worst.

A lazy boy and a warm bed are difficult to part.

A lean calf forgets to skip.

A little dog, a cow without horns, and a short man, are generally proud.

A little stone may upset a large cart.

A lord without land, is like a cask without wine.

A man cannot carry all his kin on his back.

A man conducts himself abroad as he has been taught at home.