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Many have too much, but none have enough.

Many kiss the child for the nurse's sake.

Many little rivulets make a great river.

Many love to praise right and do wrong.

Meddle with dirt and some of it will stick to you.

Might and courage require wit in their suite.

Might have gone further and have fared worse.

Mischief comes soon enough.

Misfortune seldom comes alone to the house.

Money is more eloquent that a dozen members of parliament.

Money saved is as good as money gained.

More flies are caught with a drop of honey than with a barrel of vinegar.

More people are slain by supper than by the sword.

More people know Tom Fool than Tom Fool knows.

More than enough is too much.

Much broth is sometimes made with little meat.

Much noise and little wool, said the devil, when he was shearing the sow.

Much water runs by while the miller sleeps.

National customs are national honours.

Never let fools see half-finished work.

Never repent a good action.

New comers are always welcome.

New dishes beget new appetites.

New songs are liked the best.

New things are most looked at.