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Old signs do not deceive.

Old sins cast long shadows.

Old soldiers never die.

Old swine have hard snouts, old oxen hard horns.

One bag of money is stronger than two bags of truth.

One beggar likes not that another has two wallets.

One bird in the hand is better than two on the roof.

One bite brings another.

One fool may ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.

One hair of a maiden's head pulls harder than ten yoke of oxen.

One hand full of money is stronger than two hands full of truth.

One hand must wash the other, or both will be dirty.

One hunts the hare, and another eats it.

One ill weed mars a whole pot of pottage.

One man is born to money, and another to the purse.

One man is not bad because another is good.

One man often talks another off his bench, and seats himself upon it.

One mangy sheep spoils a whole flock.

One penny is better on land than ten on the sea.

One piece of good advice is better than a bag full.

One ploughs, another sows, who will reap no one knows.

One raven does not peck out another's eyes.

One scabbed sheep will mar a whole flock.

One should speak little with others and much with oneself.

One sword keeps another in its scabbard.