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Take care of your geese when the fox preaches.

Take help of many, advice of few.

Take not your sickle to another man's corn.

Tell nothing to thy friend which why enemy may not know.

Ten noes are better then one lie.

That bench is well adorned that is filled with virtuous women.

That is poor help that helps you from the feather-bed to the straw.

That is true which all men say.

That may be soon done, which brings long repentance.

That which comes with sin, goes with sorrow.

That which has been eaten out of the pot cannot be put into the dish.

That which has been thrown away has often to be begged for again.

That which is stamped a penny will never be a pound.

That which is unsaid, may be spoken; that which is said, cannot be unsaid.

That which must be, will be.

That which one most forehets soonest comes to pass.

That's but an empty purse which is full of other men's money.

Thaw reveals what has been hidden by snow.

The absent are always to blame.

The aged in council--the young in action.

The anvil does not fear a good sledge-hammer.

The belly gives no credit.

The best advice is found on the pillow.

The best manure is under the farmer's shoe.

The bird once out of hand is hard to recover.