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The bow may be bent until it breaks.

The branch is seldom better than the stem.

The branch must be bent early that is to make a good crook.

The child who gets a stepmother also gets a stepfather.

The church is an anvil which has worn out many hammers.

The cock often crows without a victory.

The corn that is taken to a bad mill. will be badly ground.

The cow is milked, not the ox; the sheep is shorn, not the horse.

The cow knows not what her tail is worth until she has lost it.

The crow will find its mate.

The curse on the hearth wounds the deepest.

The customer is always right.

The day is never so holy that the pot refuses to boil.

The day is sure to come when the cow will want her tail.

The dearer the child, the sharper must be the rod.

The dog that is forced into the woods will not hunt many deer.

The dog will not get free by biting his chain.

The dog's kennel is not the place to keep a sausage.

The drunken man's joy is often the sober man's sorrow.

The earth is always frozen to lazy swine.

The earthen pan gains nothing by contact with the copper pot.

The eye of the master makes the horse fat.

The eye of the master will do more than both his hands.

The fat sow knows not what the hungry sow suffers.

The fire burns brightest on one's own hearth.