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A man dances all the same, though he may dance against his will.

A man does not always aim at what he means to hit.

A man does not look behind the door unless he has stood there himself.

A man is bound by his word, an ox with a hempen cord.

A man is not a lord because he feeds off fine dishes.

A man must keep his mouth open a long while before a roast pigeon files into it.

A man often kisses the hand he would like to see cut off.

A man who is not spoken of is not abused.

A man's character reaches town before his person.

A man's will is his heaven.

A man's word is his honour.

A meagre compromise is better than a fat lawsuit.

A modest dog seldom grows fat.

A moneyless man goes fast through the market.

A naughty child must be roughly rocked.

A neighbour's eye is full of jealousy.

A pair of light shoes is not all that is needed for dancing.

A penny in time is as good as a dollar.

A pet child has many names.

A pleasant think never comes too soon.

A poor man has few acquaintances.

A poor man's joy has much alloy.

A priest's pocket is not easily filled.

A princely mind will undo a private family.

A rich child often sits in a poor mother's lap.