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The fire heeds little whose cloak it burns.

The fire is welcome within, when icicles hang without.

The first bird get the first grain.

The flame is not far from the smoke.

The flitch hangs never so high but a dog will look out for the bone.

The foot of the farmer manures the field.

The foot of the owner is the best manure for his land.

The forest has ears, and field has eyes.

The fox does not go twice into the same trap.

The generous man grows rich in giving, the miser poor in taking.

The goose goes so often into the kitchen, till at last she sticks to the spit.

The goose that has a good gander cackles loudly.

The goose that has lost its head no longer cackles.

The greater the fear the nearer the danger.

The hen flies not far unless the cock flies with her.

The hen is ill off when the egg teaches her how to cackle.

The hen lives by pickings, as the lion by prey.

The herb patience does not grow in every man's garden.

The heron blames the water because he cannot swim.

The horse must go to the manger, and not the manger to the horse.

The is worthy of sweets, who has tasted bitters.

The issue of all contention is uncertain. [Witness the glorious uncertainty of the law, and of the turf.]

The laggard cow gets the sour grass.

The Lord will not fail to come, though he may not come on horseback.

The man who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.