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The sword keeps the peace of the land.

The teeth of the puppy are growing, while the old dog is gnawing bones.

The tooth often bites the tongue, and yet they keep together.

The tree is sure to be pruned before it reaches the skies.

The upright never grow rich in a hurry.

The used key is always bright.

The used plough shines, standing water stinks.

The waggon must go whither the horses draw it.

The watch-dog does not get sweet milk unless there be drowned mice in it.

The water runs while the miller sleeps.

The wet branch burns better than the dry stone.

The wolf preys not in his own field.

The year has a wide mouth and a big belly.

The young pig must often suffer for what the old sow did.

There are many days in the year, and still more meals.

There are three bad neighbours: great rivers, great lords, and great roads.

There are three things from which no good can be got without a beating: a walnut-tree, a donkey, and a shrew.

There is help for everything, except death.

There is honor among thieves.

There is honour among thieves.

There is no cure against a slanderer's bite.

There is no fire without smoke.

There is no fishing for trout in dry breeches.

There is no need to blow what does not burn you.

There is no need to fasten a bell to a fool, he is sure to tell his own tale.