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To circumstances and custom the law must yield.

To cut into another's man's ear is like cutting into a felt hat.

To give counsel to a fool is like throwing water on a goose.

To God's council-chamber there is no key.

To know the law and do the right are two things.

To live long is to suffer long.

To promise is easy, to keep is troublesome.

To wait and be patient soothes many a pang.

To withhold truth is to bury gold.

To-day in gold, to-morrow in the mould.

Too little and too much spoils everything.

Too little, too late.

Too many captains will sink the ship.

Treachery and slander are long lived.

Treachery lurks in honeyed words.

Trust everybody, but thyself most.

Trust not a skittish horse, nor a great lord, when they shake their heads.

Trust not still water nor a silent man.

Truth and folly dwell in the wine-cask.

Truth is bitter food.

Truth is God's daughter.

Truth must be seasoned to make it palatable.

Truth's cloak is often lined with lies.

Two are the masters of one.

Two may lie so as to hang a third.