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What youth learns, age does not forget.

What! give the lettuce in charge to the geese!

When a man is in a sack, he must get out at the mouth or at the bottom.

When a man is not liked, whatever he doth is amiss.

When anger blinds the eyes, truth disappears.

When cat and mouse agree, the farmer has no chance.

When dirt comes to honour it know not what to be.

When every man gets his own the devil gets nothing.

When every one minds his own business the work is done.

When fools go to market the huckster gets money.

When fortune's chariot rolls easily, envy and shame cling to the wheels.

When friends ask, there is no tomorrow.

When I have money in my purse, I have food in my mouth.

When it pours upon the parson, it drops upon the clerk.

When it rains porridge the beggar has no spoon.

When joy is in the parlour, sorrow is in the passage.

When lazy horses begin to start, old women to dance, and white clouds to rain, there is no stopping them.

When mistrust enters, love departs.

When neighbours quarrel, lookers-on are more apt to add fuel than water.

When one foot stumbles, the other is near falling.

When the beer goes in the wits go out.

When the belly is full the mind is amongst the maids.

When the cook is roasting for the butler, woe to the master's wine-cask.

When the cord is tightest it is nearest snapping.

When the crane attempts to dance with the house she gets broken bones.