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When the fox licks his paw let the farmer look after his geese.

When the fox preaches to the goose her neck is in danger.

When the game is most thriving it is time to leave off.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

When the goose trusts the fox then woe to her neck.

When the gorse is out of bloom, kissing's out of fashion.

When the head aches all the limbs ache.

When the helm is gone the ship will soon be wrecked.

When the host smiles most blandly he has an eye to the guest's purse.

When the manger is empty the horses fight.

When the mouse has had enough the meal is bitter.

When the rooks are silent the swans begin to sing.

When the tree falls every one runs to gather sticks.

When the waggon is tilting everybody gives it a shove.

When the wolf's ears appear, his body is not far off.

When the word is in the mouth you must caress the sheath.

When the wound is healed the pain is forgotten.

When there is room in the heart, there is room in the house.

When thieves fall out the peasant recovers his goods.

When two enemies blow one horn, the third will have to suffer for it.

When wisdom fails, luck helps.

When you go to dance, take heed whom you take by the hand.

Where a man never goes, there his head will never be washed.

Where law lacks, honour should eke it out.

Where money and counsel are wanting, it is best not to make war.