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A rich wife is a source of quarrel.

A rickety chair will not long serve as a seat.

A rod is better than a fox's brush.

A royal heart is often hid under a tattered cloak.

A scald head need strong lye.

A short cut is often a wrong cut.

A short rest is always good.

A silent man's words are not brought into court.

A silly song may be sung in many ways.

A slight suspicion may destroy a good repute.

A slip of the foot may soon be recovered; but that of the tongue perhaps never.

A small bolt to the house is better than none at all.

A small cloud may hide both sun and moon.

A small fire that warms you, is better than a large one that burns you.

A smooth tongue is better than smooth locks.

A sow may find an acorn as well as a hog.

A sow may whistle, though it has an ill mouth for it.

A sparrow suffers as much when it breaks its leg as does a Flanders horse.

A stepmother has a hard hand.

A stern chase is a long chase.

A thankless man never does a thankful deed.

A thief does not willingly see another carry a basket.

A thief thinks every man steals.

A threatened man lives long, if he can get bread.

A timid man has little chance.