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After pleasant scratching comes unpleasant smarting.

Age is a sorry travelling companion.

Age makes many a man whiter, but not better.

Age may wrinkle the face, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.

All are not good cooks who carry long knives.

All but saves many a man.

All hairy skins must not be singed.

All keys hang not at one woman's girdle.

All keys hang not on one girdle.

All who snore are not asleep.

All wish to live long, but none to be called old.

All women are good Lutherans, they would rather preach than hear mass.

All women may be won.

Almost kills no man.

Alms do not empty the purse, and a mass does not exhaust the day's duty.

Along in counsel, alone in sorrow.

Always to be sparing is always to be in want.

An empty cellar makes an angry butler.

An evil deed has a witness in the bosom.

An evil eye can see no good.

An honest man does not make himself a dog for the sake of a bone.

An honest man is not the worse because a dog barks at him.

An ill-tempered dog has a scarred nose.

An ill-tempered woman is the devil's door-nail.

An old error has more friends than a new truth.