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Before a man learns to hang he is half dead.

Better a friend's bite than an enemy's caress.

Better a little furniture than an empty house.

Better a little in peace and with right, than much with anxiety and strife.

Better a poor horse than an empty stall.

Better a salt herring on your own table, than a fresh pike on another man's.

Better an open enemy than a false friend.

Better ask twice than lose your way once.

Better be convinced by words than by blows.

Better blow hard than burn yourself.

Better coarse cloth than naked thighs.

Better come late to church than never.

Better cross an angry man than a fasting man.

Better half a loaf than none at all.

Better in an old carriage than in a new ship.

Better is the branch that bends, than the branch that breaks.

Better is the evil known than the good which is yet to know.

Better lose the anchor than the whole ship.

Better make a short circuit than to wet your hose.

Better no law, than law not enforced.

Better one cow in peace than seven in trouble.

Better something on the arm than all in the stomach.

Better spare at the brim that at the bottom.

Better suffer for truth, than prosper by falsehood.

Better the child cry than the old man.