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129 Darkovan Proverbs

One does not breed a good bitch in her first heat.

One generation plants the trees, the next eats the fruit.

One lamp can't light two houses.

One law for the rich and another for the poor.

One who is false to her first oath will be false to her second.

Only a race horse or a Comyn lord is judged by his pedigree.

Only men laugh, only men weep, only men dance.

Put no faith in a drunkard's prophecy, another man's dog, or the weather at any season.

Rats make havoc in the kitchen when the cat's a kitten.

Take care how you beseech the gods for a gift, for they will give it to you.

Take care how you beseech the gods, they may answer you.

Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.

That land fares ill where the king's but a babe.

The best horse can't wear two saddles.

The dead cannot come to kinsmen's aid.

The dead in heaven is too happy to grieve for indignities to his corpse; the dead in hell has too much else to grieve for.

The mouse in the wall may look at a cat, but he is wise not to squeak about it.

The rain can only drown the mud-rabbit if he hasn't the wits to keep his mouth shut.

The rain does not all fall on one roof.

The sex of a cralmac is of interest only to another cralmac.

The wine has been poured and must be drunk.

The world goes as it will and not as you or I would want it.

The world goes as men make it go; and men are free to make it go otherwise, if they have the courage.

There is neither wisdom nor courage in an empty belly.

There is no way to teach a machine wisdom after folly.