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976 Dutch Proverbs

Every flood has it ebb.

Every house has its cross.

Every little helps to lighten the freight, said the captain, as he threw his wife overboard.

Every little helps.

Every man his own is not too much.

Every man is master in his own house.

Every man thinks his own owl a falcon.

Every one is a preacher under the gallows.

Every one is a thief in his own craft.

Every one must row with the oars he has.

Every shot does not bring down a bird.

Every why has its wherefore.

Everything has a wherefore.

Everything has an end except God.

Everything has two handles (or two sides).

Evil words corrupt good manners.

Fair money can cover mush that's foul.

Fair play's a jewel.

Far fetched and dear bought is meat for ladies.

First a turnip, then a sheep; next a cow, and then the gallows.

First catch your hare, then cook it.

First catch your hare.

Folly hath eagle's wings, but the eyes of an owl.

Fools are free all the world over.

Fools ask questions that wise men cannot answer.