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976 Dutch Proverbs

Great cry and little wool, quoth the devil, when he sheared his hogs.

Great cry and little wool.

Great fishes break the net.

Great fools must have great bells.

Great gaps may be filled with small stones.

Great greediness to reap, helps not the money-heap.

Great promisers, bad paymasters.

Great talkers are little doers.

Great wealth, great care.

Great weights may hang on small wires.

Guessing is missing.

Half a word to the wise is enough.

Hannibal is at the gate.

Hares are not caught with drums.

Hasty questions require slow answers.

Hasty speed don't oft succeed.

He burns the candle at both ends.

He buys honey dear who has to lick it off thorns.

He cannot lay eggs, but he can cackle.

He counts his chickens before they are hatched.

He covers me with his wings, and bites me with his bill.

He earns a farthing and has a penn'orth of thirst.

He fell with his nose in the butter.

He gapes like a clown at a fair.

He has a ton of knowledge, but the bottom is out.