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976 Dutch Proverbs

He lays his eggs beside his nest.

He lives in the land of promise.

He lives long who lives well.

He lords it (or swaggers) like an eel in a tub.

He means well, but has a bad way of showing it.

He measures others by his own standard.

He must gape wide who would gape against an oven.

He must have crept out of hell while the devil was asleep.

He must indeed be a good master who never errs.

He must rise betimes who would please everybody.

He must shoot well who always hits the mark.

He runs as fast as if he had eggs in his shoes.

He said devil, but meant you.

He studies the Bible of fifty-two leaves (a pack of cards).

He swims on his own bullrush.

He talks like a sausage without the fat.

He that abideth low cannot fall hard.

He that buildeth upon the highway hath many advisers.

He that can be patient finds his foe at his feet.

He that can reply to an angry man is too hard for him.

He that chases another does not sit still himself.

He that comes unbidden goes unthanked.

He that complies against his will is of his own opinion still.

He that despises the little is not worthy of the great.

He that finds something before it is lost, will die before he is sick.