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976 Dutch Proverbs

Little pitchers have large ears.

Little strokes fell great oaks.

Little thieves have iron chains, and great thieves gold ones.

Little things are pretty.

Little things attract light minds.

Little things please little minds.

Little wood, much fruit.

Long fasting is no bread sparing.

Long looked for comes at last.

Love makes labour light.

Love makes the world go round.

Love others well, but love thyself the most; give good for good, but not to thine own cost.

Many heads, many minds.

Many open a door to shut a window.

Many seek good nights and lose good days.

Many words don't fill the sack.

Many words go to a sackful.

Measure thrice before you cut once.

Measure twice, cut once.

Men can bear all things except good days.

Men dig their graves with their teeth.

Men don't die of threats.

Men go not laughing to heaven.

Men must sail while the wind serveth.

Merchant's goods are ebb and flood.