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976 Dutch Proverbs

Might is not right.

Might is right.

Milk the cow, but don't pull off the udder.

Money is power.

Money is the sinew of war.

Money is truthful. If a man speaks of his honor, make him pay cash.

Money isn't everything, but it's way ahead of whatever is in second place.

Money isn't everything.

Money rules the world.

More belongs to dancing than a pair of dancing-shoes.

More flies are caught with a spoonful of syrup than with a cask of vinegar.

More flies are taken with a drop of honey than a tun of vinegar.

More luck than wit.

Much talk little work.

Much wisdom is smothered in a poor man's head.

My shirt is nearer than my cloak.

Neither reprove nor flatter thy wife, where any one heareth or seeth it.

Never was hood so holy but the devil could get his head into it.

No better masters than poverty and want.

No corn without chaff.

No cross, no crown.

No greater promisers than they who have nothing to give.

No house without its cross.

No mad dog runs seven years.

No man knoweth fortune till he dies.