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976 Dutch Proverbs

No man learneth but by pain or shame.

No office so humble but it is better than nothing.

No one can have peace longer than his neighbour pleases.

No one is wise in his own affairs.

No one knows where another's shoe pinches.

No one so sure but he may miss.

No sheep runs into the mouth of a sleeping wolf.

Nobility of soul is more honourable than nobility of birth.

Nobody's sweetheart is ugly.

Nothing is haste but catching flies.

Nothing so bad but it finds its master.

Nothing so bad but it might have been worse.

Nothing so bold as a blind man.

Nothing so bold as a blind mare.

Of hasty counsel take good heed, for haste is very rarely speed.

Of listening children have your fears, for little pitchers have great ears.

Offer a clown your finger, and he'll take your fist.

Oil is best at the beginning, honey at the end, and wine in the middle.

Old birds are not caught with cats.

Old foxes are hard to catch.

On a small pretence the wolf devours the sheep.

One bird in the hand is better than two flying.

One cannot shoe a running horse.

One does it for love, another for honour, a third for money.

One God, one wife, but many friends.