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976 Dutch Proverbs

One lost, two found.

One must sometimes hold a candle to the devil.

One nail drives in another.

One penny in the pot (money-box) makes more noise than when it is full.

One quill is better in the hand than seven geese upon the strand.

One rotten apple in the basket infects the whole.

One scabby sheep infects the whole flock.

One's own hearth is worth gold.

Opportunity makes desire.

Our time runs on like a stream; first fall the leaves and then the tree.

Our wisdom is no less at Fortune's mercy than our wealth.

Out before day, in before night.

Painted flowers have no odour.

Patience surpasses learning.

Perseverance brings success.

Pleasures steal away the mind.

Pleasures, while they flatter, sting.

Poor folk's wisdom goes for little.

Poverty is the reward of idleness.

Precaution said, Good friend, this counsel keep: strip not yourself until you're laid to sleep.

Precious things are mostly in small compass.

Proffered service is little valued.

Proffered service stinks.

Profit by the folly of others.

Promises make debts, and debts make promises.