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976 Dutch Proverbs

The best goods are the cheapest.

The best horse stumbles sometimes.

The best pilots are ashore.

The better lawyer, the worse Christian.

The better the day, the better the deed.

The boor looks after a cent as the devil after a soul.

The bow must not be always bent.

The candle that goes before gives the best light.

The counterfeit image of a pot with two ears.

The devil has his martyrs among men.

The devil is not so black as he is painted.

The devil sits behind the cross.

The devil take the hindmost.

The devil's in the cards, said Sam, four aces and not a single trump.

The end crowns all.

The end of mirth is the beginning of sorrow.

The end of passion is the beginning of repentance.

The eye of the master makes the horse fat, and that of the mistress the chambers neat.

The eyes are bigger than the belly.

The farther from Rome the nearer to God.

The first in the boat has the choice of oars.

The first occasion offered quickly take, lest thou repine at what thou didst forsake.

The fly flutters about the candle till at last it gets burnt.

The fox may lose his hair, but not his cunning.

The fox never fares better than when he's bann'd.