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976 Dutch Proverbs

The friar preached against stealing when he had a pudding in his sleeve.

The frog will jump back into the pool, although it sits on a golden stool.

The frost hurts not weeds.

The fruit falls not far from the stem.

The generous man enriches himself by giving; the miser hoards himself poor.

The goose hisses, but does not bite.

The heart does not lie.

The higher the mountain the lower the vale, the taller the tree the harder the fall.

The less said the sooner mended.

The less wit a man has, the less he knows that he wants it.

The magpie cannot leave her hopping.

The master's eye and foot are the best manure for the field.

The maw costs much.

The monk preached against stealing, and had the good in his larder.

The more servants the worse service.

The more you stir a turd, the more it stinks.

The most learned are not the wisest.

The most noble dog can only bark.

The mouse that hath but one hold is soon caught.

The nearest boor is the nearest kinsman when the calf lies in the ditch.

The nobler the tree, the more pliant the twig.

The noblest vengeance is to forgive.

The old ones sing, the young ones pipe.

The older one grows the more one learns.

The open door invites the thief.