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976 Dutch Proverbs

All are not princes who ride with the emperor.

All are not saints that go to church.

All beginnings are hard, said the thief, and began by stealing an anvil.

All clouds do not rain.

All cocks must have a comb.

All do not bite that show their teeth.

All feet tread not in one shoe.

All flowers are not fit for nosegays.

All is fish that comes to the net.

All is well: for if the bride has not fair hair, she has a fair skin.

All my goods are of silver and gold, even my copper kettle, says the boaster.

All offices are greasy (i.e. open to receive what the Dutch call smear-money, a term derived from the fee paid for greasing wheels).

All threateners don't fight.

All too good is every man's fool.

An ape's an ape, though he wear a gold ring.

An ape, a priest, and a louse, are three devils in one house.

An egg is an egg, said the boor, and took the goose's egg.

An ennobled peasant does not know his own father.

An envious man waxes lean with the fatness of his neighbour.

An honest man's word is his bond.

An hour in the morning is worth two at night.

An idle man is the devil's pillow.

An inch too short is as bad as an ell.

An indulgent mother makes a sluttish daughter.

An old ewe dressed lamb-fashion.